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Dietary Requirements for Pugs

Probably, the biggest challenge for Pug owners is not behavioral but dietary. Meeting the dietary requirements for Pugs can be tricky. Pugs love their food, and can appear to be starving even when being fed more than a healthy amount of food. This being the case, it’s essential to meet his or her dietary requirements but not exceed them.

A healthy diet can prevent most of the illnesses common to Pugs. Overweight Pugs can suffer from chronic health issues. As a Pug gains weight the fat moves inward, and surrounds the vital internal organs. Many overweight Pugs will experience a life span much shorter than that of their trim counterparts. Keep in mind that even just a few pounds can be detrimental to a Pugs health. If his or her ideal weight is 18lbs, then weighing in at 25lbs indicates a serious weight problem.

Some Pug aficionados will suggest that this breeds dietary requirements are best met with an all natural, homemade diet, consisting of freshly cooked fatty meats and specific grains, found in the Pugs native homeland of Tibet. This can be a bit daunting for the average Pug lover. If you have found a well balanced dog food that is keeping your pet trim and healthy, there is no reason to switch. Often, a sudden dietary change will cause your pug to experience digestive upset.

So, what if it is too late and your beloved Pug has packed on a few extra pounds? A very gradual decrease in food is the answer. A sudden withdrawal of food can cause behaviors in any dog, and Pugs being the food lovers that they are, will certainly let you know that they are not happy. Take it one week at a time. Gradually reducing portions by small amounts until your dog’s desired weight is reached. Many a dieting Pug has learned to like snacks of carrots or green beans. These are great little non-fattening tidbits, with filling, high fiber content, just perfect for your ravenous pup. The occasional peanut or small piece of cheese, are acceptable rewards, as part of your Pugs healthy lifestyle.

Exercise is essential to a Pugs health, but best in small doses. A Pug gets over heated quickly in any weather, so do take extra care during the warmer months. With a high intolerance to heat, and a tendency to dehydrate quickly and easily, water is essential to their health. The effects of dehydration are serious, and range from brain damage to kidney and liver failure. Fresh water must always be available at home, during any outing, and on walks.

So, in a nutshell, here are the basic dietary requirements for Pugs. Limit your pet’s food intake to maintain their desired weight, give him or her plenty of healthy non-fattening snacks, a moderate amount of exercise, and lots of fresh water. Hmm, sounds familiar!

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