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Pug Excercise Requirements

When considering this popular breed, make sure you’re ready to be a good Pug Parent. These sweet looking animals can be a great addition to most homes, but owners have to commit to their specific health needs to give a pug the best life possible.

Pugs are often called lap-dogs, and for good reason. They are small, cuddly, and known as being very devoted to their owners. In general, they sleep up to fourteen hours a day and do not require a lot of exercise. Because of their small size and low exercise requirements, they can be good dogs for homes that do not have a yard or apartments. They tend to take on the activity level of the owner – they can even become as lazy as their owner. However, with healthy care these dogs can be very energetic and affectionate. In fact, most people think pugs are supposed to be chubby – this isn’t true. In reality, they are not supposed to weigh over 20 pounds, most of which is muscle. They are known as being friendly and playful, and deserve a friend to play with!

All dogs need daily affection and attention, and pugs are no exception. While these are great dogs for small environments, they need to be walked daily. A good walk around the block each day is sufficient exercise for a pug. They also enjoy long walks, as long as water breaks are provided. Daily walking is also a good way for owners and their dogs to bond. The pug is very loyal, but can become temperamental if neglected; they need to know that they are loved and cared for.

Pug owners need to be aware that because of its facial structure, the breed has inherent breathing problems. The dogs are even known to wheeze. It is not recommended that owners run with their pugs because of these breathing issues. Pugs also have the potential to overheat easily. They are sensitive to hot and cold temperatures, and should not be left out in either for very long. Prolonged exposure to heat over 80 degrees can lead to irreversible, long-term kidney, heart, and lung damage. Most responsible owners even take the animal’s temperature from time to time.

Even with their disabilities, most pugs enjoy being out of doors. They should always be on a leash or in a well fenced in area. Some pugs love to doggy paddle, but sadly this breed has been known to drown due to their poor swimming ability. If one is on an outing near a pool or at the beach, they need to be watched closely for their own safety.

Pugs need attention every day. When considering this breed, make sure you can schedule walks and playtime at least once a day. Pugs can be a very sweet and entertaining companion, but they are also a big responsibility with needs and concerns that differ from other breeds. With proper attention and care, a pug can be a loving member of your family for years to come.

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