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The Family Friendly Pet Pug

It’s early afternoon in the office and my cell phone rings. My caller id says “my most loving wife”. Before I could say hello she blurts out, “I would really like to get another dog, a puppy that will be for the children. I think it would be really great.. “somewhere along the line I blacked out. I had a dog, a medium mix breed. He lived outside, with a large yard and garage. He really liked the room he had to run. Running inside usually ended with one of our children being knocked to the ground or something broken, so the outside seemed a better place. He didn’t seem to care much for the cats, or their ambush tactics.

I had to man up, I had to just speak up and put my foot down. “I suppose you can, hon.” Yep, I caved in. I tried to look on the bright side. Once it got bigger, it would be able to go outside as well, keep the other dog company and would be nice protection for the house. Visions of Doberman’s, Chows and Huskies kept dancing in my head. Then I got home. I was greeted by a most peculiar sight, a flat nosed little puppy, they kept calling it a Pug. Somewhere along the line, I blacked out.

That was two years ago. Since then I have really come to warm up to my little flat nosed friend. I’ve come to understand why my wife loved them so much, they truly are amazing family pets.

Pugs are lovable clowns

Ok I will have to admit it, our Pug is very cute. His size, features and attitude make him entertaining. He even seems to realize when we are watching and really hams it up. He tries to carry things far larger than he is, or just sits there and stares at you.

Pugs are relatively clean

Compared to most pets, they are very clean. Since they are not bred for the heat he spends almost all of his time inside. Even when he goes out, he tends to not have the typical ‘dog’ traits of digging through trash, rolling through the dirt and other fairly noxious habits.

Pugs are usually not aggressive

Pugs were bred for entertainment and company for men. Most of the aggressiveness has been bred out of them. Unlike many larger breeds that still hold hunting and pack instincts, the pug seems to fit in far better with humans than most other larger breeds. Even other animals he approaches with caution. Because of his size, and the breeding that removed a great deal of the packing instinct he has never challenged another animal to “Alpha” status. This means that most animals even our cats. Don’t see him as a threat and he gets along with them very well.

Adult Pugs will relax with you

It is not uncommon for me to be sitting on the couch reading, then hear a snort and snore in my ear. Our Pug loves to lay his head on my shoulder and go to sleep. When my wife works late at night, he’ll sit and stare at her, then finally just lay down on a blanket and go to sleep. Pugs do not demand a great deal of high energy play time. Just a little goes a long way for their little body.

Pugs are usually great with children

We have four children. Even though my medium dog got along well with them, he could easily knock them down with a jump. His running was legendary for knocking someone over, and he still had to have me around to show him the ‘Alpha’ male. When I was not there, it was not uncommon for him to misbehave, including snapping at the children. Our Pug is wonderful with the kids, a little play wears him out and they love his playful disposition and the way he looks.

Pugs are typically not big barkers

The worst thing about dogs inside was when they started barking. It would scare people to have a medium or large dog start barking for no reason. Pugs tend not to bark as much. They are territorial, but lacking the strong ‘Alpha’ instinct. They tend to not challenge every person that walks by our house. Even when he does bark, his size and shape prevent it from being the shrill yapping of most small breeds, or the heart stopping bellow of larger breeds.

While I rarely would let my wife know this, she made a great choice in a dog. I went from wanting wolf hounds, to really enjoying hearing the snorting on my shoulders. My children love playing with him and showing him affection. Overall, my wife could not have made a better choice in a family pet, than our Pug.

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